P1.875 RGB led display

HD led wall with High Definition

Pixel pitch: P1.875mm
Refresh rate: 3840
Brightness: >1000
Cabinet Size: 480*480
Cabinet Weight: 6kg


16:9 Perfect proportion

Cabinet size 400*300, avoid all the common dimensions of the defects. Matching the mainstream video source on the market.

intelligent brightness adjustment

HI UHD small pixel pitch LED display series, create an ambient light collection and terminal light control interaction system for consumers, the terminal brightness and amibient brightness change match to each other intelligently.

Hard-plug connected

Cabinet and cabinet use Hard-plug to connected each other. signal lines and power lines with internal alignment, not only easy to install, the external clean and beautiful;

High Grey Scale for better Performance

We use best quality ICs supplied by the leading brands to  make sure you get the outstanding performance you anticipate.


It can be applied in many indoor places, like commander center, studios, meeting and conference room.

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