Keep Creative Ideas Flowing Around The Avalon Table By DeskMakers

The ideal place for impromptu gatherings and meetings alike, Avalon tables from DeskMakers provide ample workspace to keep creative ideas flowing while a variety of storage configurations keep essentials organized.

Avalon provides a clean, classy workplace option.

As today’s offices are reimagined and redefined, new furniture options are essential to make spaces more inviting and functional. DeskMakers brings to market a practical, easily reconfigurable Avalon table collection to help make flexible workspaces user-friendly and supportive for the kind of meetings and interactions that are happening now. In addition to the variety of table solutions, a compatible storage system works together to create well-defined meeting/drop in/collaboration in open workspaces.

Where does the Avalon product line fit in with today’s re-imagined offices?

Designers will find various options to specify the ideal destination for impromptu gatherings, brainstorming sessions, and meetings. Avalon tables provide ample workspace to keep creative ideas flowing while a variety of storage configurations organize essentials. Optional power options keep everyone charged and connected.

Avalon Tables serve dual purpose as storage and gathering areas alike. With storage options for every space imaginable, they are an ideal place for sparking conversations and sharing stories. As space savers, the collection provides a way for smaller workplaces to incorporate storage and meeting space into their offices.

Easily configured, with multiple options, Avalon tables are flexible and can work almost anywhere within the office footprint.

Where can Avalon best support the overall workplace experience as people return to the office?

Avalon is ideal for common areas, design libraries, touchdown spaces and more. Avalon Tables are available in a variety of configurations and finish options to suit a wide range of personal aesthetic preferences and interior design schemes. Configurations include buffet counter, design center, library bar, library station, locker bank, or paperwork center. Storage options include bookcases, lockers, drawers, cabinets, and cubby units. Single- and double-sided parsons tables can be added.

We wanted to know more about how the design of Avalon was developed. Cari Jacobs, Director of Product Management provided some background information.

Avalon tables and storage provide readily available drop in or casual meeting space.

What was the design inspiration for Avalon?

In designing Avalon Tables, we wanted to create destination pieces for impromptu gatherings, brainstorming sessions, and collaboration that make a statement while also blending seamlessly into existing spaces. Our extensive laminate options, both standard and premium give designers the ability to find just the right finish for any design aesthetic.

Myriad storage options make Avalon a great choice.

Where do you think Avalon provides the most functionality?

Avalon Tables offer a wide range of storage configurations for additional functionality and flexibility. They’re an easy solution for providing additional workspace and storage where needed, such as universities, design libraries, touchdown spaces and hybrid offices/design centers.

Avalon Tables are offered in two depths, two heights, and two lengths with 1-1/8” or 1-7/8” TFL or HPL panels and DeskMakers’ standard 2MM PVC edge banding. Additional features include top over end panel construction and adjustable levelers. High dual stretchers in 12” or 16” are also available. Optional power modules, flush to the tabletop and available in a variety of configurations, provide easy to access power, USB charging, and data connections.

Is Avalon available for specification?

Avalon is available for specification and ordering with a standard lead time of 5-6 weeks. Product information including pricing and specification guide is posted on our website, along with typical layouts.

Where can readers see Avalon in person?

Visit our website for showroom locations. Readers can also connect with a local representative via our rep finder here .

See where Avalon can fit in your next project!

Learn more about DeskMakers:

Based in Los Angeles, DeskMakers is a leading manufacturer of tables and workstations for private and open plan offices. Offering custom-capabilities and attention to detail, their passion is to enrich the lives of customers by providing them with tailored solutions that meet their design needs. With an endless array of sizes and configurations, in a variety of finish and material options, DeskMakers is recognized as the ultimate source for design-flexibility in office furniture. 

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