Hybrid Working For Enterprise Organizations With Freespace

Discover how Freespace technologies can keep teams engaged and connected when implementing a hybrid working strategy.

There is a considerable constructive buzz about what we can do to better manage our spaces as we return to the office. While nobody knows exactly what this will look like, the pandemic has shone a brighter light on office utilization. It has induced new ways of working, including hybrid work models which are now being integrated across many companies.

The emerging hybrid model demands greater evaluation of space needs and utilization, and for these considerations to become a more critical component of space management and cost-saving conversations. The single workplace operating system by Freespace for data driven space management – and more – is just what you need to manage the new world of the hybrid workplace.

Their philosophy and mission are clear and to the point:

“Freespace seeks to innovate the world of work through technology. Our enterprise solutions have connected organizations with their people in over 150+ cities globally, and we continue to develop new ways to make workspaces as efficient as possible and provide data essential to evolving workplace and ESG initiatives.

Large global organizations are questioning the future of their workspaces, inspired by the need for hybrid and dynamic working cultures, portfolio rightsizing, and the pressures of delivering a more sustainable and greener operation. Our solutions enable organizations to optimize their real estate, facilitate hybrid-working that engages employees, creates safe and hygienic environments, informs office design, and drives toward net zero. Put together, we can deliver what has never mattered more: the ability to curate the best employee experience and the data for a clearer path for the future of workspace.”

Given that workspace is being used differently, the design of the workplace needs to change to accommodate these new paradigms. Seeing is believing, and Freespace’s clients regularly review the data their platform generates as return-to-office programs are implemented, and space utilization trends and patterns emerge.

Their thoughtful and insightful research is one of the key attributes of their platform and ethos.

Freespace data and insights give designers a better background to evaluate and generate design changes that make sense. With better information, right-sizing space using actual metrics will allow for more balanced and accurate real estate decisions.

While creative design solutions will be what we see directly, it’s the technology tools behind the scenes that will provide the data and management capabilities to make the space we work in, work for us. At Freespace, a game changer in space management platforms, a well thought out and user-friendly menu of options is available to the savvy occupiers.

Freespace solutions encompass technologies to:

  • Enable and support hybrid working.
  • Encourage collaboration and deliver brand and cultural values.
  • Optimize real estate portfolios.
  • Support workplace space planning and design initiatives.
  • Create safe and hygienic workplaces.
  • Monitor and manage space to support net zero and sustainability goals.
  • Improve employee experience, encourage collaboration, and deliver brand and cultural values.

There are multiple approaches to meet each of these key elements.

freespace connected technologies

Delivering for different workspace environments, including:

  • Entrances and exits
  • Collaborative zones
  • Meeting rooms
  • Quiet zones
  • Restaurants/canteens
  • Car and bike parking
  • Washrooms

Freespace provides readily accessible monthly reports to provide clients with up-to-date data driven solutions to help them continually evaluate and update their space requirements. Their Client Commitment Charter ensures that clients have resources readily available to help inform their real estate and design choices with confidence. This is but one aspect of Freespace’s total analytic offerings and capabilities.

Not only does Freespace provide the Freespace Index report covering global trends, but they also help clients analyze data gathered through their technology by providing out-of-the-box dashboards. For clients looking to dive deeper into the data, Freespace also provides custom dashboards and reporting services, including an analyst for contextualizing data trends.

For example, the monthly Freespace Index reports give accurate information using anonymously gathered data from sensors installed across offices around the globe to give a snapshot of the current situation in office occupancy.

How does the Freespace Platform work? While it may seem complex, the technology tools simplify the data gathering and analysis.

freespace technology overview
Freespace provides a range of technologies to support dynamic workplaces

As companies move to more flexible work arrangements, creating a hybrid work environment, Freespace has the tools to help employees manage their schedule, allows facility managers to see in real time how space is being utilized via the sensor-based data gathering technology, where spaces need to be cleaned, offer employees choice in determining where they need to work based on what needs to be accomplished while in the office.

The tools to optimize the company real estate portfolio use a sensor-based data gathering tool (with security and privacy features), uses analytics to measure, manage and optimize hybrid spaces, has the capability to be integrated with other platforms (i.e., HR and building management systems), and utilize space planning technology to ensure spaces are designed for maximum efficiency and use.

In the post pandemic era, there is considerable focus on health, safety, and wellbeing in the workplace. Freespace understands that one of the most important ways to ensure a safe and healthy work environment is by maintaining a clean and sanitary workplace. Their technology solution helps office managers keep track of cleanliness and sanitation needs. It provides managers with real-time information and insights and integrates with digital signage to provide visual cues and directions to help employees find safe and clean spaces. The system helps managers and cleaning staff stay on top of cleaning needs by using data to identify which areas need attention or were used during the day. Creating a safer workplace for everyone.

Employees are demanding a stronger corporate commitment to sustainability goals. Freespace offers the tools to track and manage energy consumption based on accurate occupancy data, working with smart building technologies that are increasingly being introduced in new buildings and retrofitted in older properties.

freespace employee app
The app gives the employee control over how to select and use the space within the office.

Designed for seamless integration and easily accessed through the app, Freespace has carefully executed a solution to make it easy for employees to navigate the new hybrid work environment.

Within the platform there are several unique features that support the entire enterprise.

freespace sensors
The sensor-based information gathering ensures accurate data gathering.

Freespace sensor benefits include:

  • Discreet, compact sensors that are always on and monitoring your environment.
  • Intelligent algorithm ensuring your data is secure and data collection is accurate.
  • Anonymous by design, no photography capabilities.
  • Low power consumption and fully certified (FCC, CE, IC).
  • Data is cloud-based and secure.
  • 24/7 support and device monitoring.
  • Remote support and update capabilities.
freespace analytics
Maintenance operations get a boost from the integrated technology solution to track and digitize cleaning operations.
freespace planner
The space planning application can be tailored to suit specific organizational needs.

Admin features:

  • Plan people and departments.
  • Smart seating allocation rules.
  • Manage profiles across multiple offices and countries.
  • Lock and blog access to floors and secure areas.

Benefits to your workforce:

  • Smart desk allocations consider user preferences.
  • Preferences can be managed via the Freespace Employee App.
  • Information can be displayed – such as live occupancy.
  • Social distancing protocols can be introduced and work seamlessly with the Employee App.

Any major decisions about office usage, including downsizing or becoming multi-functional, must be driven by data that prioritizes the employee experience. Employees need the choice of work settings – dedicated desks, quiet areas, relaxation zones, standing desks, collaborative spaces, or private meeting rooms. However, with choice comes the need to present these choices to employees based on availability at the time of need based on the type of need. In turn, this drives the need for tech that can non-intrusively and anonymously track and indicate space availability in real-time.

 – Raj Krishnamurthy, Freespace CEO

This introduction gives a glimpse of the myriad technology solutions that can be designed to meet your company’s specific needs. You can get to know Freespace by requesting a demo, contacting a sales office, connecting with them on LinkedIn, or subscribing to their newsletter.


This article was written in partnership with Freespace.

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