P8 outdoor advertising display

P8 Outdoor Fixed LED Wall

Pixel pitch: P8mm
Refresh rate: 1920Hz
Brightness: >6000
Cabinet Size: 1024*768mm
Cabinet Weight: 40kg


Outdoor SMD3535 Full Color Led Display Specification.

Ergonomics design of outdoor smd led displays makes your installation easier than traditional product,saving your labor and time cost. 

Wide Viewing Angle

standard design, specific series, combined structure,140°large viewing angle: It is formulated with high quality SMD 3535 to provide excellent optical effect. its contrast is higher than conventional products, strong and durable.

All modules are standard and with high brightness

Replacing parts of the general modules will be easy and convenient. We offer the service of replacing the old modules with the new ones directly.

Cabinet are easy to install

Its size is 960mmx960mm and perform all the distance of indoor and outdoor display cabinet. The seams are reduced more than 50% and smoothness increases by leaps and bounds.

Standard production in a faster and more flexible way is possible because we have reserved standard general cabinets and the shipment can also be made rapidly.

Can be front service led modules

The led modules can be accessed from the front, thus making it easier to maintain and save space.

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