P10 DIP led video screen

P10 DIP LED display screen

Pixel pitch: P10mm
Refresh rate: 1920
Brightness: >6000
Cabinet Size: 960*960
Cabinet Weight: 45kg


Outdoor  DIP Full Color Led Display,with high brightness

DIP led displays are composed of RGB led lamps 346, antidust and very stable.

Standard Cabinet Dimensions

The cabinet made is made of aluminum or steel which gives it extra strength. The cabinet of LED Screen is designed with perfection, making it really easy to install. Also, the postioning pole feature requires no technical skills to install and uninstall.

Waterporoof function, installed outside.

The display features a Front IP65 waterproof grade which protects the display from any damage. A dedicated guard prevents the screen from any damage and environmental effects. The screen will remain harmless in every condition and in every weather.

High brightness, better quality

The high brightness and high definition features of the Indoor LED Video Wall ensures great quality pictures - making it a perfect fit for stage, hotel, promotion, station, stadium and other places.

Application places

Ideal for outdoor advertisement media, government & enterprise project culture & tourism, sports, propaganda image, commercial real estate.

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